Any 9600gt's that don't require a extra power plugin?

My friend wants a nvidia 9600gt, though I don't beleive he has that 6 pin extra power conector thingy from his power suppy...Is there any eco efficient 9600's? (i myself got a 9800gt eco efficient bfg card, doesn't require an extra conector) Thanks in advance.
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  1. hmmm or should he get a new atx power supply with a 6pin pci-e for 15-25$, then a 9600gt for around 60$(found a amazing deal on ebay)?
  2. A PSU in the $15-$25 range will be a hazard to any system in which it is installed.
    You can pick up a decent PSU (380W 80+ bronze Antec Earthwatts) for $45. Actually, right now the $49 430W Earthwatts has free shipping, so will end up cheaper.

    would that be OK? And it sais the requirements are a atx case, atx motherboard, and a power outlet (obviously, he has that) so you must have an atx motherboard to use this, and a atx case (what is that? sry im tech noobish)?

    that one has the same requirements, but its not even atx branded?
  4. ATX case means a upright case basically
  5. Both of those PSUs are fecal; possibly appropriate for powering a few light bulbs, but not modern electronics, like a computer.
    When looking for a new PSU, choose one that has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch), and is 80+ certified for efficiency. Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands.
    Sites like,, and do competent technical reviews of PSUs, including load testing and waveform analysis. Jonnyguru in particular has a number of reviews of really cheap PSUs, and shows how crappy they are.
  6. Come on guys you can do better than that.

    This is what I use and is more than enough for a 8800gtx and might be enough for sli if the rest of the system is efficient.

    As for the GPU there is a nice rare treat a evga 9600 GT SSC.

    Unopened to. ;)
  7. nforce4max said:

    GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD deal., If it had a buynow option. Watch the price tho, if it goes over 85~ then it not deal anymore
  8. ubernoobie said:
    GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD deal., If it had a buynow option. Watch the price tho, if it goes over 85~ then it not deal anymore

    Agreed and one needs to be a hawk just to keep the ninjas off. I could have gotten two 9600gso 758mb cards for $50 but nope ninjas I hate them. Can't hunt the one that steel my loot in wow down.
  9. The Antec Neo HE would be a good budget compromise. It isn't 80+ certified, but a few years ago when it was made, nothing was. You'll be lucky to get it for its current $30 (+$9 shipping) bid, and if it gets much higher, the 430W Earthwatts for $50 with free shipping becomes the better deal:
    You'll know in about twenty hours...
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