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:hello: I've just recently built a new computer, I have a 60 GB SSD hard drive for my operating system and a 1 kTB WD Caviar Black hard drive for my storage. Now I need to do two things 1 get all my files and folders from my old computer to my new computer and 2 make my WD my primary hard drive. I already have a lot of things I have to take off my SSD hard drive because everything keeps going there and I just wanted my operating system and a couple games on that drive. So can anybody out there please give me directions on how I can do this!!!!!! Windows 7 is my operating system.
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  1. You want your SSD to be your Primary (boot) drive.
  2. the SSD hard drive is already my primary boot drive. Now I want to make my 1 tb WD hard drive my primary hard drive for all the files and folders I wish to get from my old computer
  3. What you mean, I believe, is that you want the 1TB unit to be the default place where all your user data files are stored. To do that, you probably need to do two things.

    1. In Windows, you can specify where certain key folders are located. These especially include folders like My Documents, My Pictures, etc. You need to tell Windows that you want those placed on the 1TB drive, not on the C: drive (the usual default).
    2. Within most major application software (e.g., Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc.) there is always a place where you can specify the default locations for all the files it uses and stores. AFTER you have set up the Windows defaults above, go into the app software and set their default file locations to places on the 1 TB unit.

    A further thing you may want: in future, whenever you are installing any app software, you must specify where to install it. Usually it will default to installing on your C: drive, and let you change that to another location, like on your 1TB unit. (Some software insists only on the C: drive, but not most.)

    If you have app software already installed on your C: drive (the SSD) and don't want it there, you cannot just copy it over to the other HDD. Installing app software also establishes a bunch of entries in the Windows Registry about where everything is. So, if you want Word to be on the D: drive instead, you may have to Un-Install it from the C: drive, then re-Install it on D:.
  4. I thank you for the start, I cleaned up a lot of my SSD drive, but now I need to transfer files and folders from my old PC to my new PC. But it keeps going to the C dr, telling me I don't have enough room. One way or another I nead to move files and folders from my old PC to my new PC . I have tried the easy transfer program in Windows 7 with my external hard drive and with a easy transfer cable,all going to my C Dr. I need to make the easy transfer program see my WD as my default hard drive or find a another way to transfer things
  5. Can you take out the hard drive from the old and put it in the new?

    Then you can copy whatever to wherever. But copy is not install (i.e. games, programs)!!

    Getting thing off the old is not that easy if you don't even know how to move the libraries (i.e. Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos) from the SSD to a HDD.

    Sorry, not insults intended!

    Have you tried drag and drop? Cut and Paste?
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