8320 Jumping from 3.5ghz to 2.9ghz and switching Vcore. Need Help!

First time overlcocker here. I wanted to oc my 8320 to 3.8 from the stock 3.5. I just put the multiplier up and turned down the voltage to 1.38 from 1.42. CPU-Z is reading the speed jumping back and forth between 2.9ghz and 3.5ghz (stock) and the voltage ranging from 1.26 to 1.36 in prime95. Should i have turned off turbo core? Please help! Thanks!

EDIT: After overclocking by just 100mhz and leaving the voltage at auto, it still does this jumping back and forth thing with prime95. Did i just get a horrible chip or do you think this is a bug with prime95?

LavcoPriceTech on youtube had this problem too (skip to 2:50):
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  1. this is the power saving features in the AMD cpus. the gigabyte board doesn't do a very good job at knowing wich state to put the cpu in so it bounces around quite a bit.

    you can disable c1e and c6 states in the bios to help.

    the voltage jumping is normal, to eliminate that, turn LLC to its maximum setting.

    Make sure to update the bios if you haven't.
  2. The other thing is power saving features in windows. If you go to Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Power Options, change your performance plan to high performance. This will stop your vcore/frequency from jumping around and hopefully give you a stable overclock.
  3. I am currently awaiting for a reply from gigabyte because I am having trouble updating my bios. I tried the other options from noob2222 so far with no luck. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the way prime95 stresses your cpu (or at least piledriver) because when I check cpu-z when not running prime95, it stays at a constant speed. That performance plan didn't do anything either :/.
  4. I updated my bios and tried all these suggestions combined and in different combos but no luck. I'm not too worried about it because I don't notice spotty performance. Thanks for your input guys. :)
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