Hi there. I've just finished putting together my new system, built around the gigabyte ga h55m usb3 motherboard. Everything seems to work fine, but I'm at a loss with the accompanying software. Do I need to set up BIOS or will there be a default included? Will I be okay to just install an operating system and get started?
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  1. The BIOS will have defaults. Usually, those are sufficient to start the system up and install an OS without further configuration. The only time you mess with the BIOS is usually when you overclock, tweak your memory settings, your fans, or if you want to set up RAID. If it's none of those, then you should be OK with leaving the BIOS alone for now.
  2. I ended up going through the BIOS and making changes that seemed logical, and completely avoided anything I didn't fully understand. I then installed Linux Ubuntu, and am then meant to install the drivers from the motherboard disc. However Ubuntu just starts and then freezes, and I can't get the driver software to start at boot. How should I go about fixing?
  3. Uh, the drivers might be for Windows only. As for Ubuntu freezing, I'm not so sure. Does Ubuntu currently support i3/i5?
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