Do I need to set up BIOS on new build?

Hi there. I've just finished putting together my new system, built around the gigabyte ga h55m usb3 motherboard. Everything seems to work fine, but I'm at a loss with the accompanying software. Do I need to set up BIOS or will there be a default included? Will I be okay to just install an operating system and get started?
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  1. You do need to check the time and date, make sure that is correct.
    You will also have to check your boot order, make sure the DVD/CD optical drive is first, then the hard drive second. Check to make sure the onboard sound is turned on if you are using onboard sound. Beyond that, you should be able to leave everything else on "auto", and it should be fine. The only way to tell is go ahead and try to do the OS install. If there are any issues to be addressed, you will find out right away!
    If the OS installs, you are good. Forget about the BIOS for a while.
    After the OS install is complete, the very FIRST thing you must do is insert the CD/DVD that came with the motherboard, and install all the drivers from it, for your chipset, LAN, onboard sound, etc. Once you have done all that, getting back into the BIOS and making any adjustments, turning things off you don't need, etc. is mainly to streamline the boot process, so the computer does not search for everything you may possibly have connected every time you boot.
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