URGENT Hyper 212 mount SLANTED please help!!


I am building my PC right now and am trying to attach my 212 evo onto my 2500K. The retention plate though, once slid between the heatsink, makes it so that the whole thing is slanted...

I'm not sure how to explain, basically once everything 'clicks' and I try to screw in the X retention plates onto my mobo, the heatsink is facing diagonally down rather than 90 degrees straight towards the exhaust. This means my CPU surface isn't fully covered, and parts of my HS is touching the CPU bracket.

Did I get a faulty evo? I had a 212+ before and it installed fine. I tried taking apart the retention brackets and rearranged them, but no results. It's the little retention plate securer on the HS (that sticks out) that's screwing everything up, it's not properly clicking once my plate is set to 1155...

I'm panicking, please help!!! Should I RMA or is there something I'm doing wrong?!?!
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  1. You're doing something wrong.
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