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Sony handycam free driver download windows 7

I have sony handycam 42E.this is not attached with window 7 via usb cable
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    The Sony DCR-HC42E is a PAL variant of a miniDV tape based camcorder.

    Transfer of high-quality, DV format, video from the miniDV tape over USB is no longer supported. There are no Windows 7 Drivers for most any camera of this type to allow USB transfer.

    To get video from that camcorder into your Windows 7 computer, you will connect a firewire cable to the camcorder's DV port and the computer's firewire port (assuming you have one).

    The camcorder's DV port is a 4-pin IEEE1394 compliant (firewire) port.

    If you don't have a firewire port, you'll need to either install a firewire add-in card or if you already have such a port, you won't need any special drivers. You'll just need the proper cable to connect your camera.

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