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Hi Everyone,

My office PC was upgraded recently. I didnt bother to check what was inside. Today i got CPU-Z installed and checked the specs. Was disappointed though. They gave a Dell PC with an E5400 processor on a G41 board. But the RAM was DDR3. As far as i know G41 boards had DDR2 RAM support and not DDR3. Could you kindly clarify this.
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  1. Oh... i just clarified that G41 does support DDR3 on a 1066Mhz. They installed a 4GB of RAM, but the fools gave a 32 bit OS along with that, how stupid can you get! :)

    Thanks guys!
  2. Yes my sisters PC has a G41 with DDR3 RAM, same E5400 too but its not a Dell.
  3. Even some X38's are DDR3. My work PC is a Q33. I have done a couple CPU swaps, from E2180 (came with it) to an E6550, and now I currently have a E7500 in it. (I work in IT so sometimes i give myself an upgrade) I alsoo have 4 gigs but also running Windows 7 32, various reasons we arent moving to 64bit yet you dept probably has some of the same reasons.

    On a side note I grabbed another E7500 ploped it in a Gigabyte Mobo I have laying around and am running it at 4.07Ghz on a stock 65nm cooler.

  4. Quote:

    I am proud of it myself, took a motherboard tray dremeled it out spraypainted it with some textured paint, drilled some holes in the tray so I could bolt it on to of an Acer monitor stand (provides a stable mount and I can tilt it). My co-worker call it a popsicle stick computer.

    Edit: Sorry I didn't mean to thread jack.
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