Ati 3200 or nvidea 8200

which is the best integrated grafic...? i have tow laptop options and i dont know which i should get?
for better 3d performance???

thanks in advance
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    That has the 8200 on the same tier as the GMA X4500, it has the 3200 4 tiers higher up, while the 3200 isnt good for gaming, it must be a sin to game on something that is the same tier as the X4500.

    While neither one will perform well in games, but the 3200 will do significantly better.
  2. well thats nice!!!
    but now i was watching one gateway which have a ati 4200m. so i saw that the 4200 have a little more performance that the 3200....
    advise me..... two players... on will win and the other will go home..... which should i bring home???
  3. the 4200 is a 3200 built on a smaller process with a few extra features added in, there shouldnt be a performance difference or atleast not much of one as they are the same number of SPs at the same frequencies. For a laptop i would definitely go for the 4200 over the 3200, it will save you power and generate less heat which is nice in a laptop.
  4. thanks hunter.
    i will see if i can get the one with the 4200 :D
    to play i little...
    i know masters allways say ""laptops are not for gaming"" but what if i want to play a little on the bus or at the collage!!!! i won t get my case and my monitor everywhere!!!
  5. The 4200 is basically the same thing. It's essential the same as having a Radeon 3450. The performance is fine for older games, but that's about it. If you want to game on a laptop you should get something with at least a Radeon 4650 mobility.
  6. well the problem is the money... someone stole my old dell vostro 1510.... and at the next day other asshole stole al my money from the bank!!!!! this is the best week ever for me!!!!!
  7. How?
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