Hi, my PC runs now on 34-37C and i think it is pretty high
Do I need to decrese or stay cool?
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  1. On idle? (at desktop) anything below 35 is good for me tbh.

    Is this stock or have you overclocked it? The people on this forum will need to know your specs / speeds to determine whether this is in fact high.

    Also you should be more concerned with your temps at FULL LOAD and not idle. high temps at FULL LOAD is where you should lay your concern.

    p.s My rig idles @ 33C.... 4.7 ghz @ 1.26v
  2. My PC's work temp is MAX 41C,
    I use Speedfan and little screen on my case
    GPU 33 to 36C
    CPU 29 to 37
    Temp1 31
    Temp2 35
    Temp3 29
    HDD1 28
    HDD2 35
    Little screen shows 35
    My PC is old Abit kn8 Ultra, Amd athlon 64 x2 4200+, ATI Radeon HD 4550 Ram 3x512Mb and 1Gb
    My room temp 27C :D
  3. 41'c at load is fine,
  4. Lets say I want that my PC would run on 35-37 Max or less what should I do?
  5. Aftermarket cooler like the Coolermaster 212 with two fans on should lower it a touch, good thermal paste, its a cheap enough option
    but physics dictates that you can't get too close to ambient on load temps, not without serious water or LN2 anyway :)
  6. how about liquid cooling?
  7. Liquid cooling to run at 35-37 when it is on air at 41 MAX?

    Please mind my ignorance but that sounds pointless.... if you must get it lower than 41 which is fine then change the heatsink/fan from stock, there are some on the market now which will lower your temps by 5-15C and won't cost more than £20/$30.

    I would seriously ask why?? 41 on max load is great.
  8. ...41 on max load is great.... but not for me pecouse i already use aftermarket cooling and that temp is going to be higher! my PC case is how to say without sides and it's ,,pretty" noisy so I want that my PC run quetly
  9. Get a sheet and make some sides up :)
    some new fans would be quieter,
    without putting serious money into watercooling you won't get it silent
  10. I have those sheets but they are without wents
  11. Make some vents,
    an angle grinder or dremel will cut straight lines and you can twist the bits between cuts for an angle vent look, or cut a sheet of acrylic window and drill/cut vents into that,
    look up modding on the net, get some ideas and we'll help you if you are up to the challenge :)
    Theres a couple of links to gluetube in this thread, modding is as easy or as hard as you want to make it though :)
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