Ram voltage 1.35v vs 1.65v

I'm trying to build my system and I wanted to get a G.Skill ram,but I don't know what the differences between these two rams.

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)



They have the same timings and main difference seems to be that the ram voltage is 1.65v vs 1.35. My build (that I'm planning) is an i5 on a Gigabyte p55a UD4P mobo.

If I'm planning to overclock my cpu, what are the differences between these two sticks of ram and which would you recommend?
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  1. The ECO are designed to use less power (voltage), which is why they are 1.35V. If you are overclocking the ECO gives you more wiggly room with the voltage settings. With the lower voltage requirements, it gives you more room to adjust voltage to help with stability in overclocking or running tighter timings. Running the Ripjaws at 1.65V, you don't have room to adjust the voltage up to make an overclock stable.
  2. So, if I'm not planning to overclock my ram, I should just purchase the ram with the 1.65v?
  3. either / or should work. They are rated at 1600. Currently have the Ripjaw 1.6V CL 7-7-7 and My system (I5-750) runs stable @ 3.8 GHz (bcklk = 200 and cpu mult @19x). Note I ratched it down to 3.2 simply because I do not need the 3.8 - BUT it's there if I do. My memory is set to use XMP profile 1.

    Of the two I'd probably go with the 1.35 V. On that not, I'm not sure about their power disipation, so would not push above 1.5 V.
  4. Could it be said that all other things being equal, lower voltage on the RAM is better?
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