New build, what do you think?

I plan on upgrading my old rig, basically building a whole new computer except I'm keeping my graphics card, cooler, HDD, and drives.

Old build --

Phenom ii x4 920 at 3.7ghz
Tunic Tower 120 Cooler
TA790GX 128m
4gb of DDR2
x2 Blueray drives.
ATI single 5870
Storm Sniper case.
Some crappy antec 500watt

New build --

I7 930
ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58
old HDD 1tb
old ATI 5870 single
x2 blueray drives
Tunic Tower 120 Cooler
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700watt

How you guys think this rig will hope up? Tell me what you think, and give any suggestions. I bought the i7, the new RAM, motherboard, and psu. You think I will be able to see a noticeable difference in gaming? Or in anything in general?

thanks, Xion
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  1. I do not think you will notice an improvement in gaming
    If you use hardware intensive applications like Photoshop and Maya you'll see an improvement in those
  2. You said you plan on upgrading then you said you bought.

    If you plan on doing that, STOP. Leave your machine alone.

    If you bought that stuff return it. Pure waste of money.
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