First time OCing (core 2 duo and asus mobo)


i know im a noob and my hardware is ancient, but i just cant upgrade yet and im looking for some performace increase.

im running
win 7 64 bit
asus p5q se2 mobo
intel core 2 duo e8200 cpu ,stock cooler fan (stock freq @2,66 Ghz)
4gb adata ddr2 800 mhz ram extreme edition timings 5-5-5-15
gtx 650 video card, but that is not relevant

so, i just want a light oc, id be okay if i could get 3 ghz, and superb if i could squeeze out 3,2 (again, im running a stock fan)

things ive done so far:

raise the fsb to 375, and my vcore is at 1,2 V,
ram voltage is 2,0 v (i didnt know any better so i chose the middle of my range which is from 1,9 to 2,1 v)
pcie freq is 100,
fsb/dram is 1:1 ddr2 freq is 750 mhz

i have turned off speed step and C1E support, also cpu and pcie spread spectrums are disabled. all other options are default (auto)

everything boots up fine, core temps are ~46-49 celcius at idle (but only core0 temp is showing this, core1 temp is never changing for some reason and always stays at 41, all programs show the same, i guess the sensor is bad or something..)
but once i start prime95, after a minutes of blend stress test worker1 stops, sais fatal error, hardware malfunction, BUT the second worker keeps going, so i have 1 core idle and another still going... i dont get this

ps i tried this a few times and it turned out the same, but just now i started p95 again and everything keeps working.. im really confused now. core0 temp is 62-61 deg celcium, core1 temp is ... still 41, as usual.

so id be very glad is someone helped me out here, and is 62 degrees not too hot if kept for a long period of time ?
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  1. That is a broad overclock for an older CPU on a stock fan, I would say that 2.8 to 3.0 Ghz is more reasonable. Try a lower speed, and you may also need a little more voltage as the CPU is manufactured on a bigger process (45nm or 65 nm I cannot recall).
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