Oldish build new overclock.

Ok so for the lst two days I've been playing around with my old build before I get a new one, firstly heres the specs

I7-930 @ 4Ghz
Asus P6X58D-E
MSI GTX 570 @ 900/2200
New 8GB 8GB-Kit Patriot Viper3 Intel Extreme Masters @ 1603Mhz

CPU Core 1.304V
Dram Bus 1.5V

Ive had a little experience in the past with overclocking but stopped due to my room being extremely hot and not being able to keep the temps down, but that is now not a problem.

My question today is the ram I recently brought is
but I have trouble getting the speed past 1603Mhz, can anyone help me get it up to around 2000Mhz?

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  1. Have you tried setting the RAM manually to 2000MHz in the BIOS? You should be able to. If not, try lowering your CPU overclock and then raising the RAM speed. Just out of curiosity, why the need for faster RAM? I have a 3570K overclocked and a GTX 670 and my 1600MHz Vengeance RAM works great.
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