Sound in Windows 7 not working

im usually pretty good at getting stuff to work on my computer but this takes the cake. my fresh windows 7 install will NOT play sound at all. tried different audio ports, legacy drivers, mobo sound drivers and drivers right off of realteks website. i searched here and tried some things to no avail.

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  1. It would probably help if you actually told us what your hardware was. Presumably you've looked in Device Manager - does the sound device show normally there or are there any problems with it?
  2. device manager reports that everything is working properly..heres my system info
    gigabyte P35-DS3L mobo...socket 775
    intel core 2 duo e6850 3 ghz processor
    32 bit windows 7
    nvidia 8800 gt
    2gb ram
  3. I had the SAME PROBLEM, here is how I solved it! Follow these instruction exactly.
    1.Start>Control Panel>Sound
    2.Once open you should be under the playback Tab, select the proper playback device, double click on that device and another window will open. Then got to the tab titled "Levels".
    There should be a bar which on my installation was set at minium (0) by default. Get the bar to a full 100 and it should work. I had the same problem and just as you it took the cake cause it took me about 2 hours to figure it out. lol
  4. hey thanks for the sound bars were all turned to 0, but even now on 100 i got no sound

    the next step is a one-way plane ticket to Washington, where ill kill myself on the front lawn of microsoft
  5. something new i just noticed - it seems every time i reboot my computer, windows or something else is automatically reinstalling some drivers...
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