How far to overclock? AMD 1100t BE

My current processor is an AMD 1100t BE, as stated.

Im currently running the processor overclocked at ~3.79, up from the stock 3.3, just by bumping up the multiplier and using auto voltages.

What im wondering is, how far should i take it?
Is there a point where it becomes useless to go any further?
Are there any 'walls' where an increase in Ghz wont get me any real increase in performance?

I want to get a good stable OC,
but im also going to see how far i can push it and get some screenshots :)

I have a custom watercooling loop as a cooling solution,
an 890fx mobo,
and my gpu is currently a 7950
8GB of ram
(if any of that matters)
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  1. Overclocked a few and the limit I have found with most is about 800Mhz over the rated spec of the Cpu. You will hit a point where the memory will start to be the problem at some point, so you will have to lower its speed when increasing the FSB speed of the Cpu.
    You will also hit a point where you need more Core voltage to the Cpu, so the temps will rise due to the extra voltage, only do this in small steps though.
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