Best solution for multi-user & large file access to a NAS

Hi Everyone

I'm looking to implement a NAS system into an architects, who access large CAD files and photos. There are 6 users all together, all of which will be accessing the NAS at the same time.

Does anyone have any advise/ recommendation on what might be suitable and what specs I should pay particular attention to (i.e. Hard drive speed, NAS processor, etc).

I've setup a few Netgear ReadyNAS Duo system for companies before, but they have mainly been for accessing small files. It maybe that a ReadyNAS will be suitable?

Many thanks

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  1. Depending on their budget, I would look at something a little more substantial, like a QNAP or Synology 4 or 5 disk NAS device with good quality 1-3 Tb drives as their size need and budget dictate.
  2. BTW, for NAS and SAN you do not really need 7200rpm drive, use lower RPM save money :-)
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