OCing noob with some questiosn

I am buying a pc from HP and have never overclocked before and am generally not the best with computers. I have a choice between the an i-5 3570/i-3570k/i-7 3770. I do not have the option to add an i-7 3770k. Should I bother getting the i-5 3570k(and risk OCing which I have never done before), or get the i-7 3770? Or even the i5-3570?
Here is the rest of the rig
IPMMB-FM (Formosa) mobo
10GB/12GB ram(haven't decided. This will ONLY be gaming. Should I bother with the 12?)
Nvidia 2G GTX 680
600W power
HP water cooling unit
Every other misc part is HP stock (apparently).

Thank You for your help.
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  1. If that is a prebuilt computer from HP you can forget about overclocking. Most prebuilt computers don't give you the option to go into the BIOS. Also, if you're looking to spend just enough for gaming then 4 GB RAM is the absolute minimum. Add in an SSD and you'll notice a nice performance boost. My recommendation is to build your own pc.

    Edit: most of the prebuilt PCs have really cheap power supplies too.
  2. Buying a prebuilt system for gaming is like buying a set of drag slicks for snow travel in my opinion.

    I say hop onto www.newegg.com and build a comparable system and see the price. You might just crap, so keep the TP handy. You can build that for probably $700 or so give or take. There's so much you can do by building a custom system; the possibilities are endless and for the most part; cheaper.
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