I want help to choose a graphics card

Hi everyone, i want to buy a graphics card for my system cause the currently graphics suck.So i want you to suggest me a cheap and good graphics card for my system.Also what is yor opinion about hd 6670 ?

system : i3 3220
gigabyte b75m-d3h
corsair cx 500w
6gb ram
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  1. HD 6670- Entry level card, pretty bad at gaming with 1080p. I had the HD 5670 with GDDR5 and it played games @1600x900 with medium settings and they were just above 30 fps but below 40 fps.

    Also please specify your resolution and budget. Generally a good card for 1080p would be the HD 7850 which should not break the bank.


    EDIT: Forgot to mention but this isn't really an overclocking question, should have posted this in the grahpics card section. Either way since you have posted it I guess I can help :)
  2. unfortunately my budget is around 100-120 euros
  3. Can you stretch the budget just a bit more? It would be worthwhile to get this card:

    If you look on the bright side you get two free video games with this video card which is equal to more than the money you spend to stretch the budget.

    If you can't stretch the budget then this card will do fine but will be worse than the HD 7850:

    That card comes with Assassins Creed 3.
  4. I suggest u save up a little more until u have around 220 USD( 170 euro ) and get GTX 560 Ti , its a pretty good card for price.

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