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Recently i re-applied paste under my heatsink as my CPU was going to 65 C in full load ( Phenom II X4 965BE )

From the brand new Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 is suppose to be spinning at 2500rpm however not in my case. It was usually 1800rpm for last
2-3 years. I did clean it every few months. Recently after reapplying the paste procedure its working at 2300rpm - which is good.

What i wanted to ask is if there is a way of any sort to make it spin at nominal rpm ( means faster ) or that cooling set is just crap?
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  1. Freezer 7 is not the best budget cooler but ways to increase fan speed could be the bios or speedfan. If you have an Asus board you should have something like Qfan and there are settings for the fan speed. There is also speedfan which does the same thing except on your desktop.
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