A8M2N-LA BIOS did not recognize drive

Hello,Our MOBO: ASUS A8M2N-LA (Nodus3)/HP Pavilion A1750e failed. The BIOS did not even detect the failed hard drive; it did not show up in the list of drives. So we replaced it with a new mobo and now the computer works fine. The problem is that the hard drive failed while I was backing up my files to external. Half of my files are still on the failed drive. 2 companies have quoted astronomical price to retrieve data. Is it anyone's opinion that the data can be recovered in a more affordable way than sending off to a data recovery company? I'm willing to try anything even if it risks losing the data.
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  1. Try installing it as the second drive. You may be able to access the non protected areas. Do when cold, every time it locks shut down and let it cool, then try again.
    If the data is extremely important then don't risk further corruption and spend the money.
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