I7 920 vs Thuban

ok so my current rig is a AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego over clocked to 2299 mhz (from a stock of 2000 mhz i think). 1 gig of system ram with a 7900 gs nvidia 256 video ram. to a 42 inch 1080p tv
i have been saving up money for a new cpu for a few years now i have 1000$ not hard limit
i was thinking of buying a i7 920 system

the thing is i am willing to wait a while if it would make my choices better.
the Thuban looks like it could be any ideas on how it would compare to the i7 920.
i know there is alot of controversy on the turbo boost but one of the main things i want to do with my new setup is pcsx2 and that can olny use 2 cores so turobo boost can help with that to my understanding.

the other things i want to use it for is archiving unarchived hulu burning dvds video games from fallout3 to star craft2.
also i found a deal
i am OK going refurb i have seen other deals like that seems to be as good or better than i can build from parts some times

in summary:

#1 do you think waiting another 3 months would benefit me
#2 i7 920 vs thuban Phenom II X6 1055T
#3 if no to #1 what is your suggested build for a i7 920 or should i just go pre build like the above link

BUDGET RANGE: Around $1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming,pcsx2, hulu, archiveing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, DVD player, hard drive


PARTS PREFERENCES: i7 920 3gigs ram after dual channel




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: dont care about looks or noise
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  1. well if you can wait then wait, theres no harm in waiting, could save you alot of money

    I'd recommend you build it yourself and not buy a pre-built PC.
    Its generally cheaper and you can get exactly what you want.
  2. that "deal" is no good because of the following reasons:
    1. there isn't any info about the mb.
    2. same goes for the memory's brand
    3. same for the hd
    4. same for the psu and you don't know what watts it provides.
    5. the nvidia gpu isn't that a great deal
    6. it has windows, not to mention vista.

    you can do better... wait 3 months.
  3. yeah i was leaning toward self built my self mainly because i like to build it my self its fun.
    any one have any ideas / guesses if the thuban will be better than the 920.
    my guess is that 6 cores vs 4 going it has to be better but 2 on two i can not even make a educated guess.
    #1 920 vs Thuban if i can only use 2 cores
    #2 920 vs Thuban if i can use all of them
  4. Does the Thuban have hyperthreading? Sorry I know very little about up coming AMD processors, If it doesnt then the ci7 920 and Thuban should be pretty evenly matched

    (ci7 with 4 physical + 4 logical cores VS. Thuban 6 physical cores) Usually AMD processors have a higher core speed, but less cache, its very hard to say either way as Intel and AMD acrhitechture are so different.

    Just wait and see man, thats what I would do If I was buying a High end PC now. Saying that I am very happy with my Ci7 920, nothing taxes it at all.
  5. well the mid level on is
    Phenom II X6 1055T 2.6 GHz L2 6x 512 KB L3 6 Mb HT 2.4 GHz
    vs the i7 2667 MHz L2 4 x 256 Kb L3 8 MB uncore 2133 MHz

    also thuban will have there new version of turbo boost

    the specs from wikipeda

    and the turbo boost like infomation
  6. i7 is going to be better for gaming but programs which optimize 6 cores (and do it well) will most likely see thuban take the lead. I wouldn't expect many games to do that any time soon though.


    Here's an idea of how I think it'll pan out. Similar clocks, 3 cores phenom ii vs 2 cores 4 threads on i3 (pretty similar to an i7 w/ half the cores/threads).

    Take note:

    The performance will likely scale worse with more cores when actually comparing thuban and i7, meaning the extra cores will matter less than they did here. Results will likely be different when the CPUs release, but this could give us an idea of how they would both perform in a 6+ threaded environment, assuming the scaling is linear :). This is assuming thuban doesn't get an HT-like tech.

    Oh assumptions assumptions. Waiting waiting...
  7. hmmm.....im not impressed so far, I hoped it would be 32nm or less but its 45nm..

    Doesnt look like it will have hyperthreading of any kind.

    The Frequency is pretty low...

    I wonder how well it will overclock
  8. from http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/its_official_amd_confirms_hexacore_thuban_cpu

    "Extrapolating from the hexa-core Opteron, Thuban is likely to be a 346mm2 chip and have a massive 904 million transistors. As a comparison, Intel’s Core i7-975 Extreme Editions have 731 million transistors on a 262mm2 die, the Core i5-750 has 774 million transistors with 296mm2 die and the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 758 million transistors on a 258mm2 die."

    well then i dont see much point in waiting if i am not geting the gulftown it will cost 900$ and the thuban wont be better than even the 920 in most cases wen the AMD Phenom II X4 965 (Deneb 4c) is not that much worse.
    i guess i just need to deside wether to go with the phenom 965 and likely have an up grade path thru the thuban and mabye bull dog in 2011 or go with the i7 920

    i also found this forum post that deals with the same thing and they seem to have the same ideas so far got to go now but i will be reading thru it later today olny got to page 2
  9. Decisions decisions. :)

    If you're looking for gaming performance I wouldn't hold your breath with the thuban.

    I don't think you'll need more than 4 cores for quite some time in gaming. Hell we barely use 4 cores at it is, even then the scalability in games isn't too significant. That is a 100% increase in cores, compared to the 50% increase here with thuban.

    It's up to you, the i7 920 will probably last you a bit longer without needing a CPU upgrade and the Phenom II 965 will probably be good enough for your current needs, also cheaper.

    I'm sure intel will have affordable 6-core cpus by the time they help much in games, and bulldozer* ;) is also something to think about.
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