Hey guys, I am really curious about this because I just ordered my 7870 GHZ Edition from NewEgg and was wondering if I could overclock it to a stock 7950 card???
And most importantly, will it be stable and keep a relatively good temp if I do??

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  1. no you can't. the 7870 has less stream processors, which can't be altered through overclocking. also has a smaller memory interface (something else that can't be changed through an OC).
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    You could overclock it to get near the same performance levels (you'd have to push it a good bit faster than the 7950 clock rate), but it won't ever truly be the same. In the past, hacks have been found that unlock the locked sections of the GPU, but I've not heard of anything like that for this gen (and it doesn't always work for every card, sometimes the locked portion of the chip is defective).
  3. thanks anyway guys...:(
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