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Im looking to upgrade my 8800 GT 512, Crossfire is out as i have a 750i mb, i game at 1920X1200. Ive been thinking about a 5850 but 300 is way out of my budget atm. I saw that the 5770 is 3 teirs above my 8800GT so im asking would it be worth it to upgrade to that or wait and save and get the 5850 or wait till nvidia comes out with Fermi?
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  1. There's a huge difference between HD5770 and HD5850. So its your call, important here is how much time are you willing to wait. If you can get your $300 within a month or so. Then definitely go in for a HD5850. Otherwise HD5770. In any case they are way better than 8800GT.
    nVidia is full of crap when it comes to deadline. If you are willing to wait for another 2-3 months then wait till then and see what the market situation is then and buy.
  2. HD5770 is a good card and will perform good at your resolution.

    What's your budget?
  3. the thing with hardware technology is, as soon as you buy something, something else comes out shortly after making your part "not the best" anymore. the best thing you can do is put together a well rounded system that the parts complement each other. Im running a Geforce 250 and it works fine. and its way "behind" other video cards. It can handle any game there is out there right now on high to extra high settings. and its only running by itself not in SLI. (my system stats are in my profile)
  4. Well Ive got about the same setup, just im Dual Core. Ive not really had any issues with my 8800 not playing any of my games, but It is kind of loud and im also thinking about getting a second monitor.

    So far as I can see the only upgrades I could do are, update my memory (I have to set the memory to 800 but the timings are all off) update the 640gb HD to a SSD (thats more than the 5850) or update my 8800. I could just add another 8800 but i want the ability to use DX11 and maybe be able to game using 3 monitors.
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