Blue Screen if memory is overclocked

Please help me! If i play games such as Battle Field 3, Max Payne 3, Prototype, World Of Warcraft and Far Cry 3 i get Blue screen and noise in my speakers/headset. I dont get blue screen if the memory is at 1600 mhz, only blue screen when memory is at 1866 mhz :(

My specs is:

Mother Board: Asus Sabertooth p67 (running the newest bios update)
Cpu: Intel Core I7 2600K 4,4 ghz (overclocked)
Gpu: Evga Gtx 580 1,5 gb
Hdd: Samsung 1 tb, 7200 rpm
Cooler: Corsair h50 liquid cooling
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  1. Have you set the correct voltage for your ram? I have the kingston hyperX 1600 which runs @ 1.65v and the default on my mobo was 1.5.

    Try entering bios and changing voltage to 1.65(FOR YOUR RAM).
  2. Ok I would look at voltage do you have it at 1.5 that is what I see on the speck sheet. If you do you can bump it up app the way to 1.6 with little issue and should clear up the issue. Now I don't mean put it at 1.6 just bump it up a little and see if it gets any more stable.

  3. Maybe you shouldn't OC? I know OCing is fun, but sometimes some of the components can't handle it. As mentioned before, check the voltage as well. I am one of those people that if I get BSOD, I dial back and start the very slow climb as I OC. Doing it once increment at a time till I find the sweet spot.
  4. Don't OC. There is no gaming performance increase.
    Also changing voltage to 1.6 voids the warranty, on your RAM, Chip and Mobo.
  5. He is not "Overclocking" he has 1866 ram that is auto configing to 1600 this is normal. You go in and set it to the spec on the box... You might have bum ram to so run the volts up to say 1.68 or so and if it does not get stable return it.

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