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I have a Emachine ET1641 and i tried installing a new Nvidia graphics card however all I get is a blank screen. the BIOs is set to PCI and I tried PCI express with no luck, It shows booting and allows me to see the F2 screen but thats it. I have tried doing it with new soft ware and with out. Can anyone help
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  1. I have the exact same computer. I've booted just fine with an nVidia 7600GT. Go ahead and enter BIOS, and reset everything to default. Plug in the card, put the monitor into the card, and boot up. Afterwords, isntall the drivers.
  2. You tried it before playing with the BIOS, right? You shouldn't have to change anything to install a new card other than drivers.

    What graphics card did you buy? Because if its a decent card its highly unlikely that your power supply can run it--and even if it can I've had some emachines burn up because they all come with poor quality PSUs.
  3. and nothing I upgraded to a 400 watt power supply but it will not get past a black screen. it just will not show after the micro soft bar
  4. Try installing nVidia drivers BEFORE installing the card. Make sure other graphics card are gone. Does Safe mode work? VGA mode?
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