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I have been using this site for a long time and so think this is the best place to ask these questions :D . so first off i live in ireland/UK so were talking £ not $.

I want a new graphics card and have decided on the Ati 5850 so i have a few questions.

1. can my case even fit this card in, i will post a pic below.

2. should I get the XFX version which will cost me around £260-£270 at least or just a normal one like saphire costing around £230-£240.

3. I no my power supply isnt enough for this card (think it is 350-400 watt), so i need a new one. so i need help on choosing a PSU that will be enough to power it and will cost less than £100 plus shipping and preferably one that has Blue/Red leds but this doesnt really matter, here is my case, it is Full ATX i believe:

Thanks for your help :bounce:
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  1. Also My Current PC Specs are:

    Asrock ConRoe1333 MotherBoard (I think, will have to confirm when i am at my PC later)
    Inel Quad Core Q6600 D0 stepping (Stock cooler/ Not OverClocked)
    4GB DDR2 (cant remember the PC speed and not currently at pc to check)
    Nvidia 8500 GT graphics
    500 GB harddirve
    350-400 watt power supply
  2. You'll need to OC your CPU to prevent any bottlenecks.

    Your case SHOULD be big enough. If not, you can move some hard drive bays, though I have no experienec with this case.

    As for a good PSU, look for a 650W with 80% Efficiency that has 2x 6-pin connectors.
  3. Thanks for your reply,

    I only have one extra case fan on the side and its small, i am not sure if it is a stock cooler or not on the processor, would it be safe to overclock and to what settings should i overclock to ?, i dont even no how to overclock it but Google will have that answer
  4. If you dont overclock your CPU, you'll see small bottleneck as the CPU will be holding the card to perform at its best.
    5850 is a good choice.
    Get the Sapphire one as all are absolutly the same.

    For PSU,
    Get a 500W-550W if you don't want to add another GPU in future.
    But if you do
    Get a Good Quality 650W PSU, like one from CORSAIR
  5. well my board only has pci-e x16 slot so that rules out duel cards, so will 550w be enough to handle this card plus, maybe 4gb more ram and an overclocked processor ?.
  6. I am not saying you buy two GPUs now.
    You may have plans to upgrade it to something like i7 or like that.
    Then you'll get what you need from two GPUs.
    Right now a Radeon 5850 with 550W will be AWESOME
  7. Ok thanks, i will be looking to upgrade in the future but will need a new motherboard for i7, duel cards and ddr3 so will probably just buy a whole new system then take the 5850 out of this one and have 2 in the other, but thats not for a while.

    Got any links to UK sites with a Recommended 550watt PSU ??.

    Just find an OCZ 550W or anything with 2x 6-pins and 80%+ efficiency.
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