Mixing 800 mhz ram with 1060 mhz on a MA785GM-US2H Motherboard

Hi, I have 8 gigs of patriot viper memory. 2 sticks being 800 mhz and the other 2 sticks being 1066 mhz. Now will i be able to overclock or add more voltage to the 2 sticks of 800 mhz? And what slots would i have to put the 800 mhz and the 1066 mhz sticks in my motherboard to overclock them and have more voltage to make this work? My motherboard does have four memory slots and can handle up to 1200 mhz ddr 2. My motherboard is the Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H.

Thank You
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    oooh. this is a good one..

    Yeah and what is that supposed to mean????
  2. Yes, you can. The overall system will run at default 800. It's the safest route.

    However, if you overclock to 1066, the overall system will run @1066. Set the voltage to the 800's memory. Maybe it's 1.9v, 2.0v, or 2.1v. Also, is this 800 RAM a value RAM? Directed more to price than performance? If yes, then I fear it cannot go over 800. Maybe slightly, but value RAM has little chance to go to its 'next' batch frequency (800 to 1066).
  3. So far, I raise the voltage to all four. Individual raising, I don't know if there's a way to do that.
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