First Time Building (Gaming PC, $1000 budget)

BUDGET RANGE: $1000 (can go abit over but the cheaper the better)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Watching HD Movies (have a netbook I use for word processing and internet browsing)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (Mouse, Monitor, including a keyboard would be great but not required, operating system)


Prefer 8gb of ram as I'm gonna have this thing for quite awhile

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe(probably not)
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe(I would like to have the option in the future to use crossfire)
MONITOR RESOLUTION: (Going to be buying a new one, not quite sure on this one yet. Sorry)
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: My gaming computer broke about a month ago and I really would like to get a new one. This would be my first time building a computer. Ill have some help from my brother who is quite experienced at building computers though.

GPU - Radeon HD 5850
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    You can always add 4GB more later on down the road. Right now PC's barely use 4GB so you will be fine for a few years. And then when you think you need it, pop in another 4GB. *EDIT* Oh, you don't need an operating system. Well then... one minute

    You have another PCI-x16 slot for a future upgrade. You also have 2 more ram slots for more ram in the future. The PSU can take another 5870 down the road so you should be all set.

    Of course if any one else has any better suggestions then this let em rip! :P
  3. yeah, some perks of being a student

    I don't know terribly much about cpu/gpu relationship but would that cpu bottleneck such a nice graphics card?

    Thanks aton for that build though, looks like it would be great and way more powerful then I thought I could get :)
  4. The only thing better about that build then mine is the case daggs. Wouldn't you rather a 5870 then a 5850 and a nicer looking case?

    your HD is out of stock btw.
  5. Yeh, but i don't like a 650W PSU in that system. If you build a new build in a few years, you will have to throw away that PSU and buy a new one, or if you XFIRE you will run into problems. Go for this:

    Or even a 850W PSU
  6. whitefang said:
    The only thing better about that build then mine is the case daggs. Wouldn't you rather a 5870 then a 5850 and a nicer looking case?

    your HD is out of stock btw.

    Yeah, I would have the cast on the floor next to my desk anyhow >.>
  7. 650W psu? it's 750W which is more then enough for crossfired 5870's.

    *edit* and the PSU I selected is 750W continous. That OCZ one is 700W Max. (more like 600W continous)
  8. Oh, oops. Still, im was thinking that he would upgrade to a 6870-7870 trifire, in a couple years, and 750w still wouldn't be enough fo that. Also, what says you guysa about this mobo:
  9. Lol you being sarcastic?

    Quad Xfire is useless. a waste of money and poor scaling past 2 video cards.
  10. Whitefang I think I might go with what you suggested , Thanks alot.

    Just 2 quick questions: Would it be fine heat wise with just stock fans? if I overclocked it later down the line?

    And would anything be different in terms of building then the guide on this website suggests?

    Best cooler for the dolars, the only thing that can beat it is liquid cooling/ 60$+ coolers.
  12. That cooler does look great, but it would put me slightly over budget which is why I was wondering if the stock stuff would not cut it. If that's the case I think I can spend an extra bill or two on the cooler though
  13. Stock is only good at stock.

    Aftermarket is good for 4.0ghz
  14. The two case fans are plenty. if you need a few more they are only $2 or so on newegg.

    If you do intend on overclocking I would buy the HSF later on down the road when your ready. You can still overclock with the stock HSF, just not as much as with an aftermarket HSF.
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