Good card for my power supply

I'm looking to spend about $150 on a video card, and don't want to upgrade the power supply. It's a thermal-take and fairly new, with 430watts.

The rest of my system is a phenom 720 x3 *undervolted*, 4gb ddr3 ram, 2 hdds, 1 dvdrom, 2 fans.

So can someone recommend me a video card that wont hurt my psu?

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  1. HD5770 should work fine.
  2. shadow187 said:
    HD5770 should work fine.

    agreed ^^
  3. 5770 will be the best you can get for your money.
    It'll perform great upto 1920x1200 in almost every game

    Get a new PSU.

    If you can't
    then, get a 5750
    It'll give you good performance upto 1920x1200

    Its good vs. great.
    Choose good if you don't have money for PSU
  4. OK so the 5770 will or wont be safe?

    The 5770 is only $13 more than the 5750, and performs a good deal better. Def worth the $13 to me...but if I need to buy a more powerful PSU for the 5770, then idk.

    PSU is 430watts, 29a +12v (2 +12v at 14a and 15a) I believe, and the thermaltake calculator estimated it would only use 291w at full load.
  5. i believe it would work fine with a 5770, i run an overclocked 5850 (950/1250) on 500w :)
  6. I would be playing games at 1440x900 (my monitors native res), but want this rig to last at least 3 years, maybe 4.

    It's actually for my brother, and he doesn't care about how well it plays, or how nice it looks, just as long as he can play modern games, even at low settings. I really really don't want to upgrade the psu, that's another $100 give or take, but I can't help but feel in 3 years time, the extra performance from the 5770 will really start to show over the 5750.
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    The really sad thing is that you can get much better PSU's than that one in the $40 range. Edit: I just looked and its marked 65%+ efficiency--for comparison my $39 corsair 400cx is 82%+ efficiency more than making up for the extra 30watts.

    At 1440x900 you don't really need a 5770 and I think installing one would be an unneeded risk. Can it run it? -yes. Should you max out the power of a system you want to keep for a long time?-no.

    A 5750 or 4770 would be enough graphic power and would be safer. As an example, Tom's rates the 5750 as "Great 1920x1200 performance in most games" The 4770 is probably good enough for 1680x1050 and today newegg has a XFX $94 4770 on special.

  8. The PCI-E lane provides 75Watts of power, and the 6pin provides 75watts. How can the 5770 go over 150?
  9. 5770 will work fine imo, as i said i run a 5850 overclocked to 950/1250 on a shitty nexus psu with 35 amps on 12v rail. im very confident that a stock 5770 will run on a 430 watts psu.
  10. So the 5770 will work, but for long term safety i should go with the 5750?

    can you guys with confidence say I'll be fine with the 5750? or is it borderline even still?
  11. Dude, your fine. Especially with an undervolted processor.

    65% of 430 is 270. Or something like that (close).

    The HD5770 uses 108W at maximum. The phenom 720 uses 95W at MAXIMUM (which yours will use much less).
    You're at 200Watts.
    The HDD's use at most 12Watts each. Fans are a watt each.

  12. Just to clarify, my concern was based on the somewhat weak amperage of +12V1@14A, +12V2@15A. - but I did agree it would probably run it.
  13. That's quite a lot of amps though. Have the card running on the v1, and the mobo/cpu/everything else on the v2, or vice versa, it doesn't matter. There is no 'unneeded risk' as he still has 50 watts to spare, assuming minimum efficiency and MAX power draw.
  14. Thanks for the help everyone...I'm leaning toward the 5770 again. My PSU has a 5 year warranty, which is good in-case it does wear prematurely. besides the psu, what else would most likely be negatively affected by lack of power? the mobo? the video card?

    One thing I don't understand is how toms hardware claims the 5770 draw 207watts max. You seem to understand this with exact numbers shadow, whats up with that 207 if the max is 150w?

    Also, how can I choose which rail my stuff is running on? like how can I select v1 or v2?

    Thanks so much everyone!
  15. The max isn't 150W. That's the max power that can be supplied to any one thing using a 6-pin + pci-express rail. The HD5770 can NEVER draw more than 108Watts, because if it did, the card would fry.

    The 207Watts is TOTAL power consumption. This accounts for CPU, RAM, DVD/CD drives, HDD, etc, not JUST the graphics card. Take a look at the benchmarking system and compare it to yours.
  16. ahh ok. Is there any program I can use to measure how many watts is being used, or would i need to use a multimeter? Just out of curiosity.

    What would most likely happen if the psu wasn't strong enough to power it? most likely just stability problems? crashes and such? and over time possible damage to components? Any idea which components would be damaged the most?
  17. I don''t know of any way to measure the wattage usage.

    Most PSU's have some sort of protection against over-drawing current. Though, the bad part is, if you did have too much current drawn, and the PSU didn't shut off, you'd fry every piece in your computer (usually). GPU, CPU, MOBO, anything that the PSU plugs into.
  18. So I'm thinking of going with the 5770 and if any issues arise, just getting a new psu. The performance increase for $13 is so nice I'd really like to go for it, when 3 years down the line the extra 6-7fps might be the difference between playable and not. Anyone think I'm seriously endangering my computer by doing so? It's a tough choice when even the most experienced guys cant agree on it =p

    What do you guys think of this? It's the perfect price for what I need, otherwise I'd buy a corsair at $90, which I don't want to spend. Just don't know how reputable raidmax is.

    Or do you guys think that the longevity I'm trying to get out of the card won't be much different between the 5770 and the 5750? I figure it will because of DX11, so it's kind of futureproof, but god only knows the fermi is going to bring to the table.
  19. It doesn't look bad, but if I was buying another PSU I would go with one of the more respected name brands like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, or Seasonic.

    You wouldnt need to spend $90 to get a Corsair--even the 400cx could handle this system just fine--even though it is lower wattage it has slightly higher amperage/warranty/reputation than the thermaltake. (although I would probably go with the 450VX just for greater energy efficiency)

    OCZ 500w -$49

    Corsair 450VX -$54
  20. Yeah I'll probably go corsair. I really like the modular design w/ocz, but I'd rather have 2 more years on the warranty.

    I'm curious, what's better with 12v amps. multiple rails or one single strong rail? why?
  21. 8800 nvidea would work fine
  22. I think trying the 5770 on your Thermaltake supply, then getting the 450Vvx if it doesnt work well is an ok strategy. Just monitor your heat and everything very closely for a while after you put it in.

    I still think that you should eventually bump up the power supply for safety because as PSUs age they become less powerful. Maybe in a little while you can get a better one to plan ahead for your next rig?

    The number of rails doesnt make a huge difference, but if you want you can read this:
  23. Alright, so before I go and spend some money, does everyone agree this power supply will be more than enough to power my system? no problems, no overloading, etc? You recommended it deadlock, just want a final confirmation, I want 0 issues, so if spending more for a 500/550 psu is worth it, i might as well.

    thanks again everyone for your help, I've learned a lot!
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  25. Thanks!
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