CPU only upgrade from e6600 to ???

Hi all,

As the title suggests, I'm looking at a minor upgrade until I make the bigger move to i7 next year.
So, looking to keep my existing 775LGA setup....just want to change cpu.

I would like to know your recommendations on upgrading my o/c to 3.0GHz E6600....was thinking Q9400 (but what uses quad cores?) or the E8x00 series? Help please.

My setup is:
M/B is GA-EP45-UD3R
4GB Corsair XMS2
Corsair HX-620 PSU
CM Hyper TX3 Cooler
Antec P183 Case filled with Noctua fans

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  1. Wasted money on upgrading cpu since you are building a new system next year. Overclock the e6600 ftw!
  2. My brother just did something similar, he went with the Q9400 and is very happy with the result. He is an avid FPS gamer and said that he noticed a dramatic difference in game play after the upgrade.

    He's using the same MOBO with a 8800 GT 512. He seems to be able to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 with max graphics on a 24" monitor reasonably well.
  3. An OCed E6600 to 3.0GHz should perform about the same as the 8300/8400. (what 8x00 chip is around 3GHz) If your not doing things that take a quad you'll see no real increase in speed. You didn't list what you use your computer for, so I don't know what to suggest. If your a gamer, keep the CPU and get something better then the 9600GT. If you spend your time converting thing, moving to the quad is a good idea.
  4. +1 for overclock. I started with my E6600 @ 2.4, it's comfy, but after a while I needed some more juice. I can comfortably hit 3.6, but I run at 3.2 right now. It's a noticeable difference when transcoding DVD's, but not too noticeable when gaming. No more than a 3-10fps increase. That's more GPU.
  5. Thanks for the opinions....please keep them coming.

    Just to make it clear, my E6600 is already o/c to 3GHz from the stock 2.4GHz.

    I find it pausing/hanging when trying to do multiple things at the same time eg. have iTunes playing music, whilst unzipping a file and having something installing

    I can't afford a big upgrade - nor justify changing my M/B, RAM, CPU and GPU all at the same time, so soon.

    So, looking for a quick cheapish fix. I have been getting into games and just bought Crysis yesterday...haven't installed it yet!
    So, maybe my $200 would be better spent on a GPU...hah, which one?!?
    I tend to favour Nvidia over ATI as I found the drivers were not being tested properly at ATI and caused me issues with sound and overscan issues when hooked up to my Plasma TV.
    Nvidia driver updates have never caused me issues.
  6. OC the E6600 to 3.0 to 3.3 GHz. Cost is better cooling if you are using the stock cooler.

    Next step should be better video card. After all, you can always put it into a newer computer.

    Third step, upgrade to a Q9550. At this point, though, you need to think about a new AMD or i5 system instead.
  7. How often to you install, unzip and play itunes? More cores in that case will help, as would better/faster/more harddrives. I'm not surprised you get pauses in that case.
  8. 4745454b said:
    How often to you install, unzip and play itunes? More cores in that case will help, as would better/faster/more harddrives. I'm not surprised you get pauses in that case.

    Not often, it was just the example of what happened this weekend...which caused me to think, damn this PC isn't cutting it anymore...time for a sneaky (don't tell the wife!) cheap upgrade.
    Anything I can sneak into the house without her seeing and install into the PC case without our baby telling on me....can be had! Hehe.

    I often have simultaneously:
    iTunes playing/syncing
    bittorrent downloading
    installing something or playing a game or surfing web

    So, don't think I need four cores, hence me throwing in the E8x00 series.

    At lunch today (whilst turning my attention to GPU's !!!) the shop assistant recommended a E5200 for $100 new which can be clocked upto 4GHz, albeit only 2mb cache rather than the E6600 4mb cache.
    Another thing thrown into the mixing pot!?!

    Mass confusion.
  9. That E6600 will clock right up there with that E5200. Don't waste your money on that thing.
  10. Don't get an E5200.
    For the things you do,Dual core is fine.

    Don't change your processor.
    Cuz whatever you buy you'll be limited by your 9600GT.

    I suggest you to get a new card.That depends on monitors resolution .
  11. Wow, this is turning now. Starting to consider a new graphics card rather than a CPU now.

    My monitor is Samsung Syncmaster 206BW, so 20" with 2ms refresh and 1680 x 1050 resolution.

    Which cards do you recommend?
  12. I recommend this card:

    Sapphire HD 5770:

    XFX HD5770:

    It'll work like a charm for that resolution.I'm pretty sure this will give you better boost than getting a C2Q. :)
  13. Depends on what he's doing though. I still use an E6600 and an 8800GTX, I get pretty solid performance at that resolution. I can run MW2 at no less than 60fps at max detail, but BFBC2 will probably need some more juice. Either way, I would second the 5770. It's a lot of card.
  14. Go with a new card, at this point in the game its better to just go with a new mobo/cpu/ram instead of upgrading the cpu in my opinion. Having thought about that as im running on an e2180 oc to 3ghz with a 320mb 8800gts.

    So in essence I agree with everyone else buy a new GPU, a 5770 sounds quite nice in my opinion like others have recommended, its actually what I would throw in my computer if I had the spare money.
  15. Thank you to everybody who contributed to my post.

    I have just returned from buying a Sapphire HD5770 graphics card for $185 AUD = $166 USD

    I may have another attempt at upping the o/c on my E6600 to anything above the 3.00GHz it is now (stock 2.4GHz).

    Thanks once again!
  16. Enjoy your 5770!
  17. Good to hear that.
    Enjoy Gaming!!
  18. Well, just an update....

    I bought the Sapphire HD5770 and o/c to 960/1360 (from 850/1250)
    Also, upped my o/c on the e6600 from 3.0GHz to 3.4GHz

    Bit concerned about the temps on HD5770 (stock cooler), hitting 85c :fou: under load, idles at 40c.
    My reading of reviews indicate that this card can be clocked at higher rates with lower temps....do I have a dodgy one?

    The CPU temps are 65c load, idle at 32c....I'm OK with that.

    Too hard to choose a 'Best Answer' - wish I could select multiple ones!

    PS. 3dMark06 score of 14200 3.4Ghz cpu and o/c HD5770 gpu......was 9500 with 3.0GHz cpu and stock 9600GT gpu.

  19. GPU temps seems fine.(My 9800GT hitting 95c for over an year :) )

    Want better temps then improve on case airflow.
  20. The load temps on the 5770 do seem a bit high. Have you bumped the fan speed up? Improving case airflow might help a bit to but I'd be looking at getting the fan speed up a bit.
  21. 4745454b said:
    The load temps on the 5770 do seem a bit high. Have you bumped the fan speed up? Improving case airflow might help a bit to but I'd be looking at getting the fan speed up a bit.

    I have left the fan speed on 'auto'. I used CCC to overclock, although I did install MSI Overdrive but decided to go with the gpu makers software instead.

    When I use GPUz, it tells me the current fan speed is 40%, avg fan speed 40%, with the maximum being 50%.

    I have an Antec P183 case with 2x120cm and 2x80cm fans = plenty of airflow. Cold air pumps out the exhaust fans.
    HDD x 4 never go above 45c.

    So, should I switch the fan to manual and up it? I like to keep noise to a minimum and sometimes have guests sleeping in the PC room....sorry wife says re-phrase....the PC is in the guest room!
  22. You can use Rivatuner to manually bump fan speed just for the time when you game.

    (I do the same thing, when I game i set it manually to 80%, while I'm not gaming it is set to 35%)

    Here's the download link:

  23. 75%-80% while under load would be a lot better. You'd probably find that its no different then 100%. I bet it will bring the temps down a lot. 50% fan speed for load is to low.
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