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I recently brought a Xigmatek Utgard to replace my old Blackline, got everything in with no issue but when connecting up the front panel stuff something hit me, "Where the hell is the hdd led cable?", after double and then triple checking I can conclusively say there aint one. Although very annoying it wasnt a complete deal breaker so I finished off everything else and booted up fine, but then the second odd thing hit me, the HDD activity was lit up (but not flashing, just solid).

So now somewhat confused I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into the same thing before.

Also tried Xigmatek support which seems non-existant, supposedly registering the product gives you support services, but where they are is beyond me...
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  1. According to the Utgard's manual, each connector should be labeled. What motherboard are you using, that might help determine what connector goes where and if there is one noticeably missing.
  2. Oh they're labeled perfectly well, but the HDD led cable is physically non-existant! ;)

    Power led, USB's, ESATA's and fan controller are all accounted for, but as far as I can tell the HDD one simply does not exist even though the led is lit up and it's clearly mentioned in the manual.
  3. So the pins on your mobo where HDD LED plugs into, is it empty/unfilled?
  4. Completely empty.
  5. Hmm, while not likely, it sounds like both LEDs might share the same wires coming from the front panel. What happens if you disconnect the Power LED, do both Power/HDD LEDs go out?
  6. I'll give it a go, if it sets them both to flash on hdd access then Xigmatek have pulled of something really bizzare.
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