Installed Hyper 212 EVO, It wiggles?

Just got my Hyper 212 EVO today and installed it, but is it normal for it to wiggle around? I can rotate the heatsink with my hand with a little force, wondering if this is normal. I know the thermal paste is fresh, but it feels unsecure. All four spring screws are tightened all the way. Seems to be contacting the CPU good, just worried about me being able to rotate it... I have tried reinstalling a few times too.
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  1. Another thing I'm noticing it's a lot louder than the stock intel fan that comes with the 3570k. It's like a choppy wind noise, could it be because the 2 exhaust fans I have? I have the Antec 302 it has rear and top exhausts.
  2. Ok first, it should be pretty snug up against the CPU. But you need to realize how big the Hyper 212 is. Twisting it by the fins gives you a ton of leverage. If it's making good contact you should be good to go. Just make sure you have that center pin aligned properly and is actually seated.

    You're going from a very small low turbulence fan to a large 120mm fan that's going to create a ton of airflow. It's going to be louder. Also, I recommend making sure that the little foam pads are on the fan as vibration could lead to issues later on.

    Personally I never even ran the stock fan on the Hyper. I bought mine with two Silverstone fans for it. So as for noise of that fan in particular, I'm not sure. Either way, make sure it's not vibrating and it should be good. Just double check everything and you should be good to go.
  3. Is 27-29C pretty normal for a stock 3570k with the EVO? I only have this forum webpage open.
  4. That's not bad honestly. :) My 2600k is clocked at 4Ghz with half a volt lowered on the offset and it idles about 28-30C in a 75F room with the fans on it at about 25%
  5. Okay this noise from the fan can't be normal, it is way too loud. I thought PWM fan increase/decrease when needed? Mine stays running at 1900+ RPM whether or not I have any programs/games open. I am currently running 3x Diablo III's and it's at 37C, pretty good temp. But the noise is way louder than me blasting the AC/fan in my truck.

    I have ASRock eXtreme Tuner, the Fan target speed is at level 10/10 and target temperature at 45C/113F (default settings btw).

    When I lower the fan target speed to 5/10, it sounds like my Intel stock cooler, which is fine.

    How do I make it so my fan adjusts by itself? Is there some setting I'm missing?

    EDIT: Okay, I get it. I put target fan speed at 1/10 and target cpu temp at 50C, if the temp gets higher than 50C the fans are speeding up now, and slowing down when it can. At the default 10/10 it was running my CPU FAN at 100% no matter the temperature.
  6. I returned mine...bought a Noctua NH-U12S for $44.99 on sale as I have NEVER had a heatsink EVER wiggle after it was installed. My "THOR" didn't wiggle because it had a proper bracket and it is much heavier and more massive than this EVO. I honestly think it does effect it's ability to cool your CPU to a degree. I will find out once my Noctua NH-U12S gets here and I do a temp comparison.

    Anyone that stumbles upon this I would highly suggest paying a little more and getting a better cooler. It sounds to me like Coolmaster is just passing off a defective design because it still kinda works. I prefer to have a solid base though on my coolers.
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