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Hi I'm a beginner at overclocking, recently got myself an i7 2700k and overclock it to 4.5Ghz with the h100 and stable. My question is that from what i've read and seen people turn off their power saving option such as the C1 and the C3/C6 states as well as the CPU EIST this results at my computer running at 4.5Ghz at all times. So what I want to know is if its safe to run at full speed at all times? and does enabling power saving feature when overclocking make the system unstable?

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    Yes it is safe to run at full speed at all times and enabling power saving features does interfere with the overclock. All the people I know who overclock disable Cool'N'Quiet (AMD), not sure what Intel's power saving features is called. Just make sure to have a good cooler and you will be fine when running at full speeds.
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  3. Just wanted to let you know from my POV. I currently run all the powersaving options on my 2600k and never have had a single issue during overclocking. The worst part about it is having to work with a voltage offset so you don't have complete control over the voltage. So if you run a fixed voltage, all of the "standard" power saving stuff the chip has is pretty much disabled anyways.
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