Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 on M3A-H/HDMI


Does anyone know if the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 will fit onto a m3a-h/HDMI motherboard without covering any of the RAM slots?
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  1. from all appearances you should be fine, the cooler doesn't appear to stick out much more than the mounting brackets, and there's decent room between the socket and the ram slots
  2. Hi Machu,

    Thanks for the info. It arrived today and you're quite right, it did fit in, although the composition of the motherboard doesn't allow for the fan to be mounted facing the usual direction (fan facing the ram slots). Due to the orientation of the bracket on the motherboard I had to fit it with the fan facing graphics card slot. Just something to bear in mind for any other owners of this board.

    Whilst I'm writing, has anyone got any idea which temperatures I should be comparing to the max temps given by AMD? I'm running a Phenom x4 9950 BE and the spec sheet says the max temp for that chip is 61°C. I'm using Everest to monitor the temps and it gives one reading for the CPU and then four serparate readings for each Core. The cores are normally 5°C-8°C less than the CPU reading. So is the 61°C max temp for the CPU or the cores?

  3. Hi ecotox and welcome to Tom's forum.

    U should not have any problem with the cooler and the RAM slots mor if u work with low profile RAM and u should install the fan in the RAM slot orientation for get the best temps since the airflow comes from the front side of the case.

    The 61ºC are for the CPU in general and not for every core.
  4. Hi Saint19,

    Thanks for the welcome and the clarification on the CPU temp, much appreciated!

    I agree that it's definitely better to have the fan in the RAM slot orientation but I'm afriad that the motherboard just doesn't allow it. There is plenty of room for it to face that way, but as the fan is being placed onto an AMD chip you have to use the clips that come with the fan to attach it to the pre-existing socket on the motherboard. The motherboard socket only permits the clips to be attached in one way which restricts the fan to pointing either towards the top of the case, or the bottom. Shame really as it clearly isn't as efficient this way.

    My case has a 120mm fan at the front drawing air in, and an 80mm fan to the rear blowing air out. Even though I've now replaced the stock CPU cooler with the Arctic Cooler I'm still struggling to keep the CPU temps below 61°C under stress. I've done the best I can in terms of cable management but I'm using a Corsair TX650W (non-modular) so it's a nightmare. There's a massive side vent on my case though (200mm) so I guess I'll have to slap a fan on that too. I know Phenom x4 9950 BE chips run pretty hot but I never thought it's take this much cooling!!!!
  5. Maybe running the fan at max speed but could be not the best option.
  6. saint19 said:
    Maybe running the fan at max speed but could be not the best option.

    Tried it. I can't seem to get any control over the fan whatsoever. I turned off cool and quiet and all other fan management BIOS options and used SpeedFan to force the fan to full speed....but nothing happened. It still continued to run at about 1800rpm (2500rpm max.) :(
  7. Do u check the option that says "Smart fan control"?
  8. saint19 said:
    Do u check the option that says "Smart fan control"?

    Where do I find that? In SpeedFan or the BIOS?

    Trying to find a fan that will fit the side vent on my case. I've measured the distance between the holes and it's 180mm. I'm struggling to find any fans that size. I am measuring the right thing aren't I? It's difficult to describe but when I remove the side panel there are four kind of plastics legs sticking out about an inch or so positioned in a sqaure around the vent. They're hollow but don't see to have any grooves inside to take a screw. I just assumed they were there to fit a fan to but now I'm not sure because the size is strange?
  9. In the BIOS
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