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I7 950 & ram wont overclock at all, not even by 10mhz

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December 5, 2012 3:22:58 AM

Hey, as the name suggests, my desktop has been acting very weird. I performed a bios update on my msi x58 pro e and suddenly it doesnt want to overclock anything. Prior to the bios update my cpu was clocked at 4.5ghz and ram was at its factory clock of 2000mhz, however now the ram wont go above 1066mhz and the cpu wont go past its stock speed of 3.07ghz. I matched the settings exactly to how it was before but nothing is working. I flashed back to my previous bios but it still doesnt want to overclock, its really odd, does anyone have any idea what might be the problem?? I checked every single setting, could it be a hardware problem?? I really dont like running at stock speeds, feels so crap after playing games on oced settings.

i7 950
patriot sector 7 2000mhz ram
antec 750 watt psu (1 year old)
6950 gpu (overclocks work for the gpu)
intel ssd
msi x58 pro-e motherboard
Corsair h80 watercooler

Edit: also whenever i click on advanced DIMM INFO it always freezes.

Cheers guys.

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December 5, 2012 8:41:33 AM

Dw guys turns out i forgot to change the rams clks and latencys, it was all on 7-7-7-20 instead of 9-11-9-27