Hi there guys and girls i have this card i bought a ati radeon 4870 1gb
im having this issue of 1 red light constantly on even at post the light indicates d601 which is critical core power fault
also the fan spins like crazy soon as the card has power
My psu is more then sufficent as its 670 watt and its sli with 4 pcie 6 pins cables the amps are great has 4 rails also
i try to flash the card bios to see if it was just fcked but wouldnt even show the device in atiflash -i
does anyone have any clues of a fix or could guide me in the right direction the card cannot be rma by manufactur

If anyone could reply either on here or email robertsondaniel@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your time
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  1. Check if all cables are connected properly, if not ask for a return. This can happen.
  2. is there alternative as reciept has been lost :s all connections are fine have been tested and seated propperly card also tested in multi machines same out come should this light be constantly on ? what are the over types of non power source issues but saying that wouldnt ati flash detect this card if all cables are connected and working fine as atiflash does not detect i think i see it post test as lights blinked 3 times or more and start of post this light is bright constant
  3. does the card work?

    Can you play games?

    what are the temps like?
  4. card does not post cannot boot into windows or bios or anything with no screen but i can do it with a different pcie card as i plugged both into a x2 pcie slot Mboard does the card work no^^ it doesnt post which are causes other then the d601 critacal error weres the info on that instead of the usual crap they tell u what the light is instead of a solution or a def answer

    the source is with the graphics board its self any fixes of this d601 core fault ?
    Thanks for replying guys
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