Will it fit?

Im looking at getting the 600T case with a H100i cooler.
But I have seen some people have issues with the cooler fitting in the top as it touches the ram/fan and noise .
Will it fit?
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  1. well if "some" ppl have problems with it then i would say dont get it. either get a bigger case or a smaller cooler. i do not know how good H100! is but the old H100 was not very good ive had 4 the last year and the pump died on all of them. ive heared rumors that the new pump is better but I would still stay away from it. when i build pcs i want it to be as simple as possible witouth mods if possible. so again I wouldnt get that combo if ppl have issues with it. but i have not checked speccs so i dont know just the fact you stated made me Think no no
  2. ^ I can back that claim of the H100 failing out on people. alot have had leaks and most just found them on almost every all-in-one cooler.

    @ OP - please head down to the watercooling sticky, located in my sig and read up on it. Full of info and a CLC section dedicated to dealing and explaining about CLC's.

    after using a CLC myself, I'd suggest going custom if you really want to watercool.
  3. An entry level kit is a better place to start and a better use of money...it can always be used to expand from in the future.
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