Fx8120 overclocking issue

i have done several manual OC settings for my system and I have been able to successfully oc my cpu from the default 3.1ghz to 4.6ghz but what i dont understand I was using 3dmark11 as my benchmark program. and my conclusion is my default settings of 3.1ghz 1.28v nb frequency 2.2mhz at 1.22v 15.5 multiplier 3dmark11 showed performance rating of P-4242.
then I OC to 4.6ghz 1.55v nb freq 2.6mhz 1.3v and the performance rating was only 4372 at best. i tried other settings with voltage and the multipliers but my performance ratings dropped dramaticly. i tried overclocking my memory but when i tried it was unstable n kept bsod . so my memory is still at stock setpoints. and i havent touched my video card settings. can someone help me in right direction?

fx8120 black ed. unlocked
Asrock 970 extreme4 mobo
gskill ddr3 16gb memory 9-9-9-24
nvidia gtx560 2gb ddr5memory 256-bit
win 7 home prem 64-bit
300gb sata3.0 hdd
550w psu

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  1. hey i have a fx 6100 with a 660 ti and they say that the fx 6100 is bottle necking my cpu juuuuust a little bit. so all i have to do is oc my fx 6100 as much as i can. which is only 10 % because i use auto settings.

    but i think you can use better cards because you have a fx8120 ?!?!?!

    still so confuesed...
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