Overclocking a Phenom ii x4 965 BE


I need help overclocking my Phenom ii x4 965 BE because I'm very new to overclocking. I have a S12 II Bronze 620w 80 plus bronze, GA-870A-UD3 along with a CM Hyper 212 Evo. So would build be possible to overclock effectively.

Thanks, John
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    You have a very easily overclocked processor, a A+ quality PSU for low ripple/noise in the voltage, a solid cooling tower, and a board with a very good 8+2 power phasing configuration (3+2 or 4+2 is what "entry' boards have usually). You should, assuming that your processor isn't either a very poor or very strong outlier from the standard 965, be able to stabilize a clock speed of at least 3800-4000mhz with little work.

    To start, I would simply go into BIOS and change the multiplier from "auto" or "17" to "19" so that you'll be at 3800. Leave voltages and such alone. Do turn off spread spectrum and load-line calibration, along with "Cool N Quiet" for now. Also, make sure your fans are set to stay at 100% speed if they are able to be set in BIOS. See how that works out and report back. You can use OCCT to run an hour or so of the CPU test to confirm it's most likely stable.

  2. Thanks for the reply, I've just changed the Clock and turned off the settings you said, except load-line calibration because of V-Drops anyway downloading OCCT now but I'll take time running at 5KB/s internet right now.. Bloody Telstra! XD I'll report back soon.

    Thanks, John
  3. Tested OCCT everything looks good, thanks for the info ocmusic! XD
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  5. Vxshifter said:
    Tested OCCT everything looks good, thanks for the info ocmusic! XD

    Just caught that you tried it out and replied. Good times, glad I could help! :hello:
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