Just ordered my 932 HAF

Ok guys i been looking on youtube watching people paint there cases and i have to try it so im taking any ideas of what colors paint would look cool or other ideas.

I was thinking Mat Black and some kinda Green. I was also thinking of doing black and green stripes but that seems like it would be hard.

If you know of any cool pics or vids i could look at that would be good to i have watched alot on youtube already.
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  1. You need some creativity. :)

    I suggest you draw on paper for your plans first. Then color it in, and see how nice it would look. If it doesn't seem nice, then draw again. After a while you would have a lot of designs to look at, and you can tweak to your desire.

    Personally, I have the HAF 922, the little sister of the 932. I was thinking of painting it matte black too, and putting in blue accents, but I haven't finished my mockup design yet.
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