No Video Signal Today. But everything was fine last night.

No Video Signal Today. But everything was fine last night. Now when I power on my system I get absolutely nothing on screen.

I have a home built system (and components were professionally installed locally)

Everything is new:

- Antec TruePower Quattro 850 Power supply
- ASUS P5Q SE Plus Motherboard
- 8800 Nvidia Video card
- 6 GB DDR2 DIMM 240 Pin - (2) 1 GB, (2) 2 GB

Both my monitor and video card were tested on a different system and was just fine.

If the problem had something to do with my hard drive then wouldn't I at least be told on screen about it?

I'm stumpped, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Matthew :hello:
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  1. First thing you need to do is take all the sticks of memory out and try booting on 1 stick.
  2. Check. Tried all sticks, No dice. :(

    But thanks for that suggestion, might come in handy for future diagnostics.
  3. Have you / are you able to try the setup with a different graphics card. So basically just swap out that 8800 for another reference card known to work just fine. If that works fine then i would say its the graphics card.
  4. Yes, I tried 2 others that I had laying around, then I went to the office and pulled out another digital video card from a system that definitely works, no question.

    ...still no joy. I just don't know whatelse it could be.
  5. Do you get the standard one short beep telling you the system booted up ok? If not, it could be a motherboard problem.

    Could also be that your power supply took a dump.

    I'd try checking the system with another PSU first. If that doesn't work, i'd assume a bad motherboard. Are the parts still under warranty?
  6. I just tried another boot up, I'm not getting the single standard one beep.

    I dont think it's the motherboard or the power supply as both are brand new and high quality.
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    Do you get any beeps? Check your motherboard manual to see what the beep codes mean. They can vary by the board. Should have something for no beeps as well.

    Just because the parts are new doesn't mean they can't fail. I had a bad mobo a month ago that wouldn't boot or give me a video signal for the life of me. RMA'd it, the new one worked great.

    If you checked the RAM and video card and both are solid, i'd guess motherboard failure. But i'd try a different power supply first because it's easier.

    One other thing: you do have a system speaker, correct? If you don't, that will make this whole post irrelevant, haha.
  8. Hello again,

    No beeps whatsoever, however good point on the system speaker. haha, I dont know for sure - I'll have to open 'er up and check.

    Thank you for the input on possible new component failure. I'm beginning to think now that it really is my brand new ASUS motherboard that has the problem.

    Thank you again for your help!

  9. :: UPDATE ::

    I took my system into a professional and it appears that the best explanation is that because of the recent neighborhood power outages and the fact that I was not using a surge protector, my brand new ASUS motherboard fried.

    Replacement board is arriving soon. If you don't hear from me again then you'll know that the culprit was indeed a cooked motherboard. And I will have learned a valuable lesson.
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