Hyper 212 Plus on Socket 478?

Before getting into this gentlemen this is JUST FOR THE TIME. I must likely will move said Hyper 212 Plus into a MODERN machine later on as time goes on.
So I own & currently own a Pentium 4 system, it's a Prescott and it utilizes 478. The stock cooler on it is pretty beefy right now, but I'd be interested in using a Hyper 212 because I heard many good things about it. I also know that, between Socket 478 and LGA775, the changes are minuscule. Is it possible that the cooler will mount on & work, or no? I will just use it on this Pentium 4 until I build a gaming rig, in which I'll mount it onto that.
Thanks for any answers in advance!
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  1. I installed mine yesterday on a 1155 socket and I don't think I saw 478 socket compability. Here's a cooler for 478 socket that's cheap http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835230010
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