Low Electric buzz coming from RAM.

They seem to do it more often than not, but sometimes I notice a low sounding, electrical type of buzzing noising coming from the RAM slots. I know it's coming from that area of the mobo at the very least when I inspect the case while it's open, but I'm 99% sure it's coming from the RAM slots. Is any amount of electrical buzz noise anything to worry about?

Also, I've messed with a couple settings and noticed that when voltage is changed to a fixed voltage in place of auto settings, the sound gets more noticeable.

I'm using 4 sticks of 2gb G. Skill Eco 7-8-7 on an Asus P55D-E Pro board.
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    It's probably coming from a mosfet or such in the same area. I can't imagine actual RAM making noise.... if it's really the RAM I have to think it's very bad, but I have never heard of such.

    A paper towel cardboard tube can help isolate noise.
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  3. Sometimes can be PSU or graphics card. I have a Nvidia 260 which makes an electrical buzzing noise. The capacitors are cheap and they tend to buzz, not under load but when there is no load. The new 460 etc have different caps to solve the problem. Nvidia has known about it since the beginning of time.
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