Best choice for gaming?

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 2.8GHz

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz

hey guys, what im curious to know about is what is better for gaming, a higher ghz or more cores. Thanks to all that reply in advance!
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  1. i have been wanting to ask this too

    i have seen on one site that 965 is the one to go for faster clock speed+4core is all that you will need for game+by the time you need a 6core they will be a lot faster
  2. makes sense, but im still curious if any1 has hard evidence. Iv heard something about a turbo mode for the x6 that makes it run @ 3.2 ghz. so it wouldn't be that much different.
  3. the 965 is a better gaming choice
  4. ^ yep, thuban has some problems with gamimg.

    The best options are a X2 555, a X3 435, or a i3 530.

    (Def not the 965, it's a rebranded 955 with +1 to multiplier)
  5. +1 Phenom II 955!!
  6. You did not mention cost as a factor in your decision but I was faced with this decision a couple month ago. I chose the Phenom II X4 955 BE. Honestly the cost difference between the 965 and 955 is far greater than the difference in performance. The same can be said for the new Six Core AMD's. Great for number crunching and the novelty of having the latest and sorta greatest but if you boil it down you get a worse gaming performance.

    I would say saving anywhere between 20-150 dollars on the CPU and spreading that money to GPU, Mobo, Cooling and hard drive performance would really fuel your gaming machine to a new level. So to answer your question: 1. Probably better to go with 955, 2. If not 965, 3. Could go with 1055T but only for novelty.
  7. Yes I am.

    There are the same damn chip.

    U can change multiplers urself.
  8. Less cores, and a higher clock speed is better for gaming, and general use.
    You should overclock the Phenom II X4 965 BE
    for the best gaming performance.
  9. ^ or the 955, eich is the same chip, But cheaper.

    And also, the X6 1055T is 125$ On tiger direct after 50$ rebate and 25$ Bing cashback,
  10. I would be better off with a 955 if I would overclock it. 965 is only better for those who leave it at stock most of the time and want an extra mhz boost compared to 955.
  11. ^ Yeh, They are the same chip.

    lol at +1 to multiplier on a chip with an unlocked mutlplier

    965 is For silly noobs who don"t know nothing
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