NVIDIA GeForce 8400m - Inherent Defect?

Does anybody have any information about the defective NVIDIA GeForce 8400m?

I am trying to find if there is proof of an "inherent design flaw". If there is, customers in the UK may have a claim against the retailer under the Sales of Goods Act 1972, from 6 years after the purchase.

In my case, I have a faulty ASUS, 60 days out of warranty. ASUS have not issued BIOS changes, extended warranties or anything....unlike other manufacturers, ie HP, Dell, Apple. It cost £1500 UK£, the repair will be £700, but with the same flawed component!
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  1. I'm currently researching the same problem myself. I know there definately is a defect, but I'm not sure which model numbers are affected.

    If you haven't already, it's worth looking at these sites - lots of helpful info!



    Good luck!
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