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I am a computer "idiot".. but have someone who talked me through fixing the problem. Now, I can't find a site to tell me where the "pin" needs to be on my DVD drive to make it a Master (it's the only DVD drive in there right now - I took the other one out). Is there a website for SONY to tell me where this pin needs to be so I can use my DVD drive? Thanks!
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  1. It should say on the drive itself. If not, do a web search for the model number and you should find the website.
  2. There is a little plastic piece on the back usually, but not always, between where the wide, ribbon cable goes and where the power cable goes. The plastic piece looks like a little domino with no dots. It is located in a group of 6 to 8 pins. 2 of those pins will always be jumpered by the domino. There should be a chart or map near those pins that indicates which pins should be jumpered for Master, Slave or Cable Select. It's probably set on Slave now.
  3. I just took a quick poll of the spare cd/dvd drives I have, and on all 3 of them master is on the right (cable select on the left, and slave in the middle). Three different brands so it's a good bet the Sony is the same. The jumper bridges the pins vertically. They all have a set of six pins ::: and you bridge the last one on the right ::| for master. If that doesn't work, then try bridging the other two vertically. :|: or |::
    I think it's usually only older hard drives that sometimes have 7-10 pins so if your dvd drive looks like that googling the model number may be your only option other than guessing if the pin settings aren't printed on it.
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