Dual xeon liquid cooling setup

I've just built a dual xeon CPU system( 2x E5-2687 w), But the fans are really doing my head in , too loud!!
I'm using the X9DAI supermicro with the supermicro heatsinks in a cooler-master cosmos 2 case. There's plenty of room in it for a dual liquid cooling solution, but i'm not sure as far as installation goes so a little bit help would be appreciated.

I'm thinking of having two 120 mm fans next to each other at the top or one 140 mm at the top and 140 mm at the rear. what do i need to take into consideration when i install them and which ones would be perfect for that particular set up.

2 X H80 CORSAIR or 2 X intel BXRTS2011 LC ?

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  1. Read the watercooling sticky.
  2. I've done a fair bit of research on the matter but i'd like someone to say if whether these can be both installed in that case or not and if yes which one should i go for
    2 X H80 CORSAIR or 2 X intel BXRTS2011 LC ?
  3. I doubt you can install 2 of these closed loop coolers in a 2x120 fan location since the radiators aren't going to fit the same size of 2x 120mm fans due to the tanks on the rads. You could possibly mount them sideways but not something I'd consider doing due to the tubing orientation.

    Why not just get air coolers with quiet fans? Those closed loop coolers aren't going to net you any performance and to run at their best setting, you have to have the fans set high anyway.
  4. go for a custom watercooling loop or do nothing at all except eat taco's with that money.

    The second post has a "why not CLC" question...sigh
  5. You will struggle to get two of those mounted in there, and if you have the money /need for a dual cpu system, why hurt yourself by not having good cooling?
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181016 $100 each
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835203006&Tpk=BXRTS2011%20LC just short of $160 for two,

    http://www.frozencpu.com/products/16892/ex-wat-220/XSPC_Raystorm_750_RS360_Extreme_Universal_CPU_Water_Cooling_Kit_w_Free_Dead-Water.html?tl=g30c321s1310 $145 plus
    http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11026/ex-blc-771/XSPC_Rasa_High_Performance_Acetal_CPU_Liquid_Cooling_Block_Sockets_LGA_775_1155_1156_1366_2011.html?tl=g30c323s1205 as you need a second cpu block, thats under $200 and far better than the allinone solutions you are looking at,
    you could go for a 240 rad kit but I decided on the 360 to allow you better cooling at lower noise levels and the Rasa block is not far behind the Raystorm in performance but if you wanted matching blocks then the Raystorm is $62 ish
  6. Thanx a lot that looks pretty decent. So the radiator would fit the top the pump at the bottom.
  7. You can comfortably fit a 360 in the roof of the CII, its designed for such a plan in fact :)
    and the reservoir/pump on the Xspc kits fits into two drivebay spaces, the pump is mounted inside the res, but we can design/alter the plan if and when you get to that stage :)
  8. I feel like real watercooling to closed loop coolers is like hobby grade RC compared to toy grade RC.
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