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i just built a p8z68 progen3 with a 64gb crucial ssd and a 700gb hdd. set the controller to raid but did not turn on the RST. it works fine. but when i turn on the RST it works normal; but when restarting it wont load windows it asks for boot disc. iv updated all mother board drivers with no change. everytime this happens i have to start over with bios and reload windows. im running out of ideas
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  1. RST is for a raid setup , are you trying to set up a raid array? You only listed two drives ,a SSD and a regular hdd.
  2. i only have those two all software loaded on hdd. when i turn on the rst it creates a raid volume useing the ssd. seems fine untill i reboot then it does not see the hdd as a boot drive
  3. I'm not trying to be critical of your efforts but if you want to set up a raid with a SSD and a regular hdd then you are wasting the benefit of having a SSD because the raid will run at the slower of the two's speed. You would be better off having the OS on the SSD and the hdd for stiorage , then you would get the speed advantage of the SSD. I don't know much about software raid but iof you want to set uo a raid then do it in the raid bios , that way it will boot like that but again if you want to set up a raid then get either two SSD's or two hdd's.
  4. I have decided to do that. im thinking of getting a larger ssd. like 120-240 gb.can i just install it and run it like a hdd. is there only so many times u can write to an ssd.
  5. I have always thought that the best size of a SSDA for the boot drive is a 240gb , the problem with that is that the price is kind of high for that size and a lot of people can't aford it or don't want to pay that much for one. But depending on what you want to spend a SSD between 120gb and 240gb would be ok and the higher the better. A 160gb or 180gb would be fine also. You are limited to the amount of write times with a SSD but most people don't realize that you won't get to that limit because it would take you about 20 years to reach that limit.
    I have a 180gb SSD for my boot drive.
  6. buy the best and cry only once.. i live by that. i ordered a 256gb . thanks for ur help
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