Pentium 4 vs pentium D duel core

Which is better...a Pentium 4 or a Pentium D duel core?
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  1. They both make fine keychain ornaments and hurt when you wing them at people. I saw a picture of someone who covered heir desk with them and placed a glass top over it. That looked pretty cool.

    Hard to imagine anyone actually wanting to *use* either one. But if I had to... The P4 will run a little cooler than the D. I suppose that's worth something.

    But seriously - It's like having to choose either the droppings from a Malamute or a Malinois. What are we supposed to do? Count which draws more flies? Check the 'crust' for proper consistancy? Sorry - They're both sh*t, and I wouldn't consider using either at all.
  2. A Pentium D Dual core is generally better than a P4 if they are the same speed, or close to it. You might get more help if you give the specific model numbers.
  3. You could also just look at old ass CPU charts and figure it out for yourself,1.html
  4. Nothing wrong with a Pentium D if it one of the last socket 775 models, run a lot cooler.

    I have the 3.2GHz running in a W7 home server and handles everything I throw at it.
  5. Pentium D is one of bests 775, it can handle loads of games and apps, it runs masseffect 2 at max on my system,it wouldnt play bfbc2 nice though, I dont regret buying this CPU, very overclockable mines at 3.75 normally around 45 C. ;)
  6. D, Dual Core (or more), Hyper threading...
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